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How To Make Hot Pepper Cream For Arthritis And Joint Pain

5 Hot Pepper Cream For Arthritis

Though, hot pepper may taste too zesty but hot pepper cream offers real relief from arthritis pain, on massaging over the painful joints. The active component of hot pepper that mediate relieving effect is capsaicin and the hotter it is, the higher the capsaicin levels and much more the relief it offers. Capsaicin of hot pepper is a safe and proven topical therapy for getting relief from severe arthritis and joint pain. Commercially, FDA approved capsaicin cream is available as pain reliever that is known to reduce arthritis and joint pain by 57 % in patients of Rheumatoid arthritis and by 33% in patients of osteoarthritis.The effects grow much stronger with time on regular usage.

Capsaicin binds to nerve receptors and depletes the neurotransmitter (substance P),responsible for transmitting pain messages to the brain. Hot pepper tricks the brain by blocking its sensitivity to pain receptors and making joint hurt less or remain pain free. Capsaicin results in burning and tingling sensation, followed by an analgesic effect that blocks pain causing substance P. Instead of utilizing arthritis and joint relieving cream from the stores, we can easily prepare them at home and know what all is entering our skin and comforting us.

Hot Pepper Cream For Arthritis And Joint Pain

Original Capsaicin Cream

To prepare original capsaicin cream at home, mix 3 tablespoons of cayenne powder in one cup of almond, olive, grape seed or jojoba oil. Heat them together in double boiler for 5 to 10 minutes on a medium heat and add half a cup of grated beeswax to it. Stir along till it gets fully melted and everything is blended properly. Then chill it by keeping for 10 minutes in refrigerator and whisk it together, keeping again for chilling for next 15 minutes. Now whip again and then put in a glass jar with a closely fitted lid and store it in the refrigerator. The cream remains in usable form for 1 and half weeks, and should be applied daily over the painful joint. This is effective for ones with moderate amounts of joint pain.

Capsaicin Cream For Arthritis

An alternate quick solution is by mixing one part of cayenne powder with 5 parts of warmed Vaseline. Apply the resulting cream over the aching joints. Vaseline is readily available and easily melts on heating and congeals on cooling down. Moreover, it does not get absorbed through the skin unlike capsaicin.

Super Powerful Cream

The hotter the pepper, the higher the content of capsaicin and more powerful the cream will be in mediating its role. To make super powerful pepper cream for arthritis and joint pain, combine 4 tablespoons of Habanero powder in 4 cups of olive, grape seed, jojoba or almond oil. Warm this mixture for 5 to 10 minutes on medium flame in a double boiler. Then put 1 cup of melted beeswax into the warmed mixture and stir continuously till it attains a smooth consistency.

Now allow the mixture to get chilled for 10 minutes in refrigerator and then whisk it together. Chill again for 15 minutes and then whip together, before putting in the glass jar with a tightly fitted lid. Refrigerate the prepared cream that remains optimum to use for one and half weeks. Apply it on painful joints, whenever the pain pops up. In matter of a few weeks, one may find much relief from arthritis and joint pain. In case, it irritates, stop using it further. This cream is advisable for those with intense arthritis pain.

Powerful Cream For Arthritis

Extra Relief Capsaicin Cream – Turmeric And Ginger

For better results, one may prepare extra relief capsaicin cream by adding anti-inflammatory components of ginger and turmeric to cayenne cream preparation. Mix 3 tablespoons each of turmeric and ground cayenne, and add 2 tablespoons of ground ginger to it. Then put 3 cups of either olive, almond, grape seed or jojoba oil in the double boiler, keep stirring till it is thoroughly mixed. Warm it for 10 minutes on a medium flame and add half a cup of beeswax to it, while stirring in-between till beeswax melts and blends together completely. Remove the mixture from heat and chill for 10 minutes in refrigerator.

Take it out, whisk it and refrigerate again for another 10 minutes. Take the mixture out and blend again before putting it in the tightly fitted glass jar. Keep the jar in refrigerator and apply on aching joints, whenever the pain appears. Rub this cream as much as one can and allow it to dry fully. Then rinse it off properly to avoid turmeric stain onto the clothing. This extra relief cream remains fine for use for more than a week, when stored properly in refrigerator. For those, with unbearable and prolonged durations of painful joints, this extra relief cream serves most effective solution.

Extra Relief  Capsaicin Cream For Arthritis

For Smooth Oil Infusion Preparation

To avoid bits of spices spurting out through the process, make smooth infused oil while preparing hot pepper cream. This can be achieved by increasing heating time in double boiler to 15 minutes, cooling and then infusing for half an hour. Then strain the solution of infused oil with help of cheese cloth and add the melted beeswax in the infused oil. Stir till it blends thoroughly into the infused oil and follow chilling, whipping and storing as mentioned above.

Smooth Oil Infusion For Arthritis

Usefulness Of Hot Pepper Cream

Each of the above prepared cream works well on aching joints in arthritis patients. Cream must be massaged gently to let it get absorbed deep down the joint and stimulate circulation through the painful joints. As a result adequate nutrients and oxygen reaches the joint, which is very crucial for improving condition of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. It is quite natural to undergo burning sensation on the first application, but for those with sensitive skin, one ought to be extra careful.

Hot Pepper Cream For Arthritis

While preparing and applying the hot pepper cream, one should use gloves, especially when handling Habanero as otherwise it can be cause of sever e irritation to eyes or faces, when one mistakenly touches after the process. For those who are highly sensitive, wearing goggles and gloves both is a necessity and one can even use apron as an additional safety.

How To Make Hot Pepper Cream For Arthritis And Joint Pain

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