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How To Manage Chronic Or Acute Hair Fall

If you are losing more than 100 hair strands a day, it is reason to worry. Most people assume that hair washing and oiling is something that barely takes any time and is a 2 minute job but you could not be wrong. A lot of factors are attribute to chronic or acute hair fall like not washing your hair correctly means that you are leaving dirt and residue behind. And if it is shampoo residue then it could lead to dandruff, infection and other similar issues.

Following Are The Ways To Manage Chronic Or Acute Hair Fall:

1. Comb Hair Prior To Shampooing

Those with long hair should always shampoo their hair prior to washing. This is advised because if there are too many tangles and knots in your hair, you would not be able to shampoo correctly. It would also mean that there are going to more knots that cause hair full. Brushing your hair correctly also helps in scraping off the dandruff from the scalp, which in turn prevents hair fall.

Comb hair prior to shampooing

2. Get Rid Off The Shampoo Residue

Make sure that you have rinsed your hair completely. Else, you will need more of shampoo on the dryer areas and stick there. It would also mean uneven cleaning. This residue tends to accumulate over time and prevents hair cells from breathing and thus causes acute hair fall.

Get Rid off the Shampoo Residue

3. Unclean Scalp

If you have a constantly itching scalp and get some kind of residue as you try to itch, it means that you are not cleaning your hair properly. Make sure when you shampoo, you spread it across the palms and then later on the head. This way you will use just enough shampoo to clean your hair. If it is not lathering then it means that your hair is still not clean or you don’t have enough shampoo in your hand. Massaging scalp at this time is also good for stimulating hair follicles and prevents hair fall. Shampoo alternate days if needed.

unclean scalp

4. Use A Conditioner

Make sure that you use a conditioner post a shampoo. It should be something that suits your hair type like dry or oily. Apply conditioner evenly and wait for a couple of minutes or as instructed on your bottle. Then rinse it of completely and use a soft towel to dry hair. Remember that conditioner should be applied right from scalp to tips to ensure completely hydration and moisturising.

Use A Conditioner

5. Change Hair Care Products

It could be that the acute hair fall is a problem because of wrong shampoo or even conditioners or styling products. If you are trying something new and noticed acute hair fall post the same, it is time to make the switch. Else, hair damage will continue to happen leading to constant or chronic hair loss.

Change Hair Care Products

6. Try Hair Oiling And Natural Masks

Oiling the hair is a great way to prevent hair loss. Try a mixture of coconut, olive oil and castor oil to prevent chronic hair loss. Leave it overnight for best results. You can also try using eggs, curb or mayonnaise packs on the hair that provide strength and nutrition to your hair shaft.

Try Hair Oiling and Natural Masks

7. Consult A Dermatologist

If the hair fall doesn’t seem to stop after trying out the above measures, it means that the inherent cause of hair loss is something else. Chronic or acute hair loss is often the result of hormonal changes or signs of illnesses. Poor diet could also be a cause here for chronic hair loss.

Consult A Dermatologist


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