Lose Water Weight with Dandelion and Cranberry Tea

Dandelion and Cranberry Tea

Diuretic herbs by flushing out excess water help in reducing the water weight. Loss in water weight can reduce your overall body weight by up to 4 pounds. A popular diuretic herb widely recommended by herbalists for facilitating weight loss is dandelion. Dandelion usually grows naturally in our yards and is considered a weed by most gardeners. However, dandelion is blessed with several therapeutic properties. It is an excellent detoxification agent that helps in purifying the blood and aids liver cleansing. As accumulation of toxins in the body inhibits fat metabolism, by eliminating toxins from the body, dandelion helps in restoring the body’s normal metabolism process. Cranberry, just like dandelion, also helps in detoxification and improving the metabolism rate. To lose water weight, drink tea prepared with dandelion and cranberry.

Mamaandbabylove – Lose Water Weight with Dandelion and Cranberry Tea

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