5 Natural Ways To Keep Fleas Out Of Your Home


Fleas in your kitchen or living room are not only irritating but also very unhygienic. The most frustrating part is that even if you keep your house neat and clean, they keep visiting. They also easily grow in number with no time. Various chemical products are available in the market to get rid of fleas.

But it is really very difficult to use those products if you have small kid or pet at home. So, the best way is to find some natural alternatives which are safe and chemical free. We brings here some of the natural ways to control these unwanted guests at home. Read on to know the tips using simple ingredients that you will easily find in your kitchen.

1. Salt

You can use salt to remove fleas from your home. It is easily found in your kitchen and is safe to use. You just need to sprinkle salt like Epsom salt, table salt, or kosher salt over the floor and under the furniture which are the breeding ground of fleas. Then vacuum the floor and furniture.

Salt has dehydrating effect on the flea’s eggs that control their multiplication. The quick affect will amaze you. You can also make pantyhose of rock salt and keep it under furniture for prolong affect.


2. Maintain Hygiene

Cleanliness is the best thing you can do to stay away from fleas or other microorganism. Kitchen and bathroom are the breeding place of microorganisms which are not visible to naked eye.

So, wash everything at home including doormats, carpets, pets, doghouses. The breading cycle of a flea is 3 days. Therefore, make sure that your clean your house every third day.

Maintain Hygiene

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3. Clean And Comb Your Pet

After you apply the above two remedy, the breeding cycle of fleas will be disrupted and the number of fleas at your home will be reduced by half. Now the fleas that are left are on you or your pet. So, comb your pet with a flea comb.

This special flea comb have fine tooth that entraps the fleas in the tines. Once you brush your pet with the fleas comp, dip it on soap water to remove them. Taking your pet to a pet grooming centre is also a wonderful idea to get rid of fleas.

Clean And Comb Your Pet


4. Use Herbs

Using repellent herbs is another excellent idea to control fleas at home. They are natural, safe and not poisonous to living beings. Herbs having strong smell like eucalyptus, lavender, clove, citus, peppermint, and citronella works brilliantly to control fleas.

You can put the dried herbs at different places. The strong smell of the herbs acts as repellent. You can even add a few drops of lavender oil along with the salt before vacuuming.

Use Herbs

5. Feed Your Pet Brewer’s Yeast Biscuits

It is interesting to know that vitamin B in brewer’s yeast biscuits make the skin of your pet smell like repellent.

Feed Your Pet Brewer’s Yeast Biscuits


This is a good way to stay away from fleas. Pet skin is one of the favourite breeding places for fleas. If they will not breed, there won’t be any more fleas at home.


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