4 Quick Home Remedies For Oily Skin



Oily skin is quite common but a condition which is responsible for dullness, pimples and acne, lack of freshness and several skin eruptions. Oily skin needs to be treated on time or it can cause irreparable damage to the skin, a tired looking and dull face. There are many cosmetics available which claim to treat oily skin but which can in fact dry out the skin excessively.

Home remedies for oily skin are time tested, effective and excellent ways to take care of oily skin. Here are some quick and easy options which will help to get rid of excess oil from your body.

Home Treatment For Oily Skin

Use Homemade Anti-oil Scrub To Reduce Oil

You can prepare wonderful natural scrubs making use of easy to find ingredients to prepare effective packs for oily skin. These scrubs help to exfoliate and remove dirt which tends to block skin pores and lead to eruptions and other skin infections.  In the process, these also help in reducing extra oil secretion from the skin, giving it a fresh and glowing look always.

Things Needed

Honey, Salt, Almonds – Ground, Oatmeal, Rose Petals or rose water, Clay or Fullers Earth, Water

How To Make Face Scrubs

Almond Face Scrub – In a small mixing bowl add small quantities of ground almond and fullers earth or clay. Add a spoonful of  rose water and rose petals if available in little quantity to prepare a grainy paste. Your almond face scrub is ready for application. Spread it evenly over your face and rinse off gently rubbing after twenty minutes. You will love your fresh skin clean and bright.

Anti-oil Scrub For Oily Skin

Oatmeal Face Scrub – In a bowl mix two spoonfuls of oatmeal and mix it with rose water or simple water. Mix well so that oatmeal is well mixed. You can add honey or half a spoon of fullers earth to add to the richness. Your pack is ready for application. Apply all over your face and rinse, gently rubbing after 15 minutes.

Salt Scrub – This is the simplest scrub which works just fantastic to reduce oily screen. All you need is rub salt over your moist skin and gently massage it. This will cleanse the skin and help in reducing the pores which cause excess oil secretion.

Use Homemade Face Packs

Face packs made at home are excellent ways to tackle excess oil secretion. These can be applied almost everyday, will not pinch your pocket and can be prepared in a short time. These packs are easy to prepare, yet are extremely effective. The best part is that they are  without any side effects.

Things Needed

Cornstarch, Water, Lemon Juice, Honey, Milk

How To Make Facial Packs for Oily Skin

Cornstarch Pack – Cornstarch helps in drying up oily patches of the skin and controls excess oil secretion. In a mixing bowl add 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and mix it with warm water. Once a smooth paste is formed it is ready and there are no lumps in it, it is ready to be used as a pack. This can be applied on your face and allowed to dry, before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

Homemade Face Packs For Oily Skin

Lemon Pack – In a small bowl add a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. To this add some cold water and small quantity of cornstarch to make a light fine paste. This paste  can be used as a light everyday facial pack and can be applied before going to bed every night for best results.

Honey Lemon Milk Facial Pack – In a small bowl add half spoonful of honey, one tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix well to prepare a paste. Apply this paste on your face and let it dry for 15 minutes after which you can wash it using cold water. This is an excellent natural bleach which prevents excessive oil production.

Remove Or Absorb Extra Oil

Oily skin means extra oil and this needs to be removed so that your pores are not clogged which in time will trap dirt and give your skin a dark and dull look. Here are some ways to absorb extra oil from your skin, using products easily available at home.

Things Needed
Blotter Paper, Cold Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Carry Tissues, Astringents like alcohol, lemon wedges

How To Use

Blotter Paper – This is simple and can be used just anywhere – in office, while traveling or at home. Just dab the paper over your skin. The extra oil gets sucked into this paper.

Remove Or Absorb Extra Oil For Oily Skin

Aloe Vera Gel – You need to extract fresh gel from an aloe vera plant, if you are lucky enough to have the plant at home. Apply the gel over your skin and it will absorb the excess oil from your skin. Your skin will feel refreshed and cool like never before.

Astringents – You just need to wipe oily parts of your face with alcohol soaked in tissues. You can keep these special homemade alcohol wipes in your purse, in a small box, when you are traveling. You can use these wipes to constantly wipe excess oil from your skin. Fresh lemon wedge also works as a great astringent and helps in keeping your face sparkling fresh. Just keep rubbing your skin with lemon wedges whenever you feel your skin is getting oily.

Cold Water – If at home or office, keep cold water nearby. Keep splashing this water on your skin at regular intervals to wash away excess oil from your face. Don’t forget to blot your face dry after every wash.

Use Vegetable Juice

Vegetables are natural and hence full of nutrients. These are often used as a beauty treatment for taking care of oily skin.

Things Needed

Carrots, Cucumber, Rose Water

How To Prepare and Use

Simply slice to get small pieces of cucumber or carrots and extract their juice. Add rosewater to give it a wonderful aroma. Apply this fresh juice on your oily skin. Let it dry for at least 20 minutes so that the freshness and nutrients of the vegetables slowly seep into the skin through the pores. You can then rinse off your face with rose water. If done on a regular basis, it will reduce the extra oily nature of your skin.

Vegetable Juice For Oily Skin

Hope you find these easy and quick home remedies quite effective for oily skin and you are able to tackle the problem easily.

Quick Home Remedies For Oily Skin


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