Relax Naturally With DIY Lavender Eye Pillow


DIY Lavender Eye Pillow

Eye pillows are the perfect tools to help you relax and sleep with ease. After a stressful day, covering the eyes with the eye pillows helps in soothing the eyes and reducing stress. The aroma of the essential oils helps in calming the mind naturally. Eye pillows also help in reducing headaches. They help people suffering from insomnia and sleeping problems to sleep better. You can easily make your own eye pillows. As lavender is the most popular anti-anxiety herb that is easily available in herbalist’s stores, consider making your own lavender eye pillows. To make the eye pillow you need linen, needle and thread, freezer paper, popcorn and dried lavender. For detailed instructions, visit the following link.

Gardentherapy – Relax Naturally With DIY Lavender Eye Pillow


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