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6 Easy Home Remedies For Boils


Boil is a type of skin infection. It is a tiny red bumps on skin’s surface at preliminary stage. After that it creates pain and puss starts to form inside the bump and there is a small face on the bump. As it matures the amount of pus inside it increases and with it the pain increases. Sometimes the severe pain may bring fever. Boils mainly starts in a hair follicle or in oil gland when the germ, staphylococcal bacteria enter the skin through cuts and pores of the skin.

Apart from that diabetes, poor nutrition, poor hygiene, lack of immunity system, exposure to harsh chemicals, etc. may be the cause of boils. Whatever may be the cause of boils, they should be treated early to avoid unwanted situations. Boils are prone to septic. Moreover, they spread from one part of the body to another and from one person to another as they are highly infectious.

Most of the people run to doctor and take antibiotics to cure boils quickly. Antibiotics are bad for health as it makes you weaker. Better cure boils with the help of home remedies at the very primary stage.

Home Remedies For Boils

1. Mix Lime Water In Cold Water

Things needed

Lime and water are needed for it. Limewater is excellent to cure boils very quickly. But do not apply raw lime water as it is very hot and burns your skin.

How To Make

Mix equal amount of cold water with lime water.

How To Use

Soak a cotton ball in it and wash your boil again and again. It will help to burst the boil. After it gets burst squeeze it to remove the pus. Remove it completely to make it dry completely. Unless you do not remove it completely the remaining pus will give birth of another new boil.

Anyway after removing pus wash it with hot saline water and apply some antiseptic lotion on it. It will take 2-3 days to get dry.

Mix Lime Water In Cold Water

2. Heat Turmeric Paste Before Application On Boils

Things Required

You need turmeric for it. Turmeric is a natural blood purifier and has anti-inflammatory properties that cures boil effectively.

How To Make

Grind some raw turmeric to paste. Pour them in a container and make them hot after keeping the turmeric paste on low flame of an oven.

How To Apply

Apply the hot turmeric paste on the boil. Keep it on your boils till it turns cool. Repeat the process to burst and to dry the boil gradually.

Heat Turmeric Paste Before Application on Boils

3. Crush Betel Leaves To Extract Juice And Apply It

Things Required

Betel leaves are need for it. Betel leave juice is excellent for boil. It is cool and has antiseptic property.

How To Make

Grind some fresh betel leaves and extract the juice.

How To Use

Apply the betel leave juice on your boil with the help of a piece of cotton. Leave it so that your skin absorbs the juice. Repeat the process twice or thrice in a day. It helps a lot to cure boil very quickly.

Crush Betel Leaves To Extract Juice And Apply It

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4. Boil Neem Leaves To Make Neem Water

Things Needed

Fresh neem leaves and Water are needed for this purpose.Neem or Indian lilac is a wonderful thing for any type of skin problems and especially for boils. Neem has antiseptic, anti-microbial and antibacterial properties.

How To Make

Grind some fresh neem leaves to paste.

How To Use

Apply the paste on your boils at least twice daily. Within a few days you will surely get the result. The boils will get dry internally. Gradually it will be vanished from your skin. Neem water is also excellent for boils. Making neem water is very easy. Boil a good amount of chopped fresh neem leaves in water. Boil till the water reduces to one third amount.

Let the water cool and strain it. Pour it in a sprayer and spray the water on your boils whenever possible. You will soon get the result. Neem very quickly cures the boil.

Boil Neem Leaves To Make Neem Water

5. Soak Tea Leaves In Hot Water For A Long Time To Make Dark Liquor

Things Required

You need Tea leaves and water for this purpose. Hot liquor of the tea is excellent in the treatment of boil.

How To Make

Boil a cup of water. Add a teaspoon tea leaves in it. Keep the lid on for 8-10 minutes. Then strain the liquor. Now your liquor is ready. Tea liquor has antiseptic property and it contains zinc which helps to cure boil.

How To Use

Apply tea liquor on your boil with the help of a cotton ball. Regular application of tea liquor helps to cure boil very fast.

Soak Tea Leaves In Hot Water For A Long Time To Make Dark Liquor

6. Grind Black Cumin Seeds

Things Required

Black cumin Seeds are need for it. Black cumin Seeds are excellent to cure boil.

How To Make

Take some black cumin and grind them to paste.

How To Use

Apply the paste on your boil at least twice or thrice daily. Within 2-3 days this will help you to dry down the pus created inside the boil. Thus, black cumin cures boil very fast.

Grind Black Cumin Seeds

Follow these tips, follow a healthy and nutritious diet and maintain hygiene. It will help to cure boils naturally very fast and that too naturally. But, if the problem aggravates soon consult a doctor before the situation goes out of hand.


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