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Summer Skin Care Tips


Summer skin care

Summers have arrived and so have the skin problems. In fact rampant skin problems are quite common with the rising mercury. Oily skin is the worst affected during the summers. With the increase in day temperatures the rate of perspiration also increases and consequentially heavy flow of oily discharge causes the skin to become sticky. The sticky skin inevitably attracts environmental dust and grime that lends dullness to the skin. For some blocked pores can even lead to the breakout of pimples. Though summers are the best time for sunbathing, overexposure to the sun makes the skin susceptible to the harmful ultra violet rays which increase the chances of sunburn. Fortunately there are a certain things that can be done to retain the glow of the skin even as the heat continues unabated. Read on to find out more about them. – Summer Skin Care Tips


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