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Ten Excellent Home Remedies For Cold

Headache, stuffy nose, cough, fever, etc. are symptoms of cold attack. Cold attack is a common problem almost in all seasons. Home remedies of cold are almost as common as the common cold. Cold symptoms like stuffy nose, sneezing, throat ache, head ache, etc. almost make your life miserable.

Home Remedies for Cold

After getting fade up of these problems people run to drug store to get a quick relief from cold. But, these medicines dry the mucus and in later period make your life more miserable though it may give you temporary relief instantly. There are various kitchen products which are very effective to cure cold permanently removing accumulating cough and mucus and curing inflammation due to cold. This article will give you a few tips on home remedies for cold.

Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is an excellent product to cure cold. Turmeric has antiviral properties and it helps to cure inflammation and cure throat and body ache due to cold. Take 5-6 tablespoons of steamed rice and add a tablespoon of turmeric paste in it. Mix well and eat the rice. Practice this method twice daily and soon get rid of cold.

Turmeric Paste

Add Garlic In Your Soup

Garlic is another excellent natural product for cold. Grind 5-6 cloves of garlic and crush it and add this in your soup. Boil for a long time on low flame to release the extract. Drink this hot soup daily as many times as possible. This will help you to get rid of common cold. For making soup you may use tomato, cabbage and chicken along with garlic. Drinking plenty of fluid like soup is necessary to prevent dehydration that may happen at this time as runny nose removes water from your body.

Add Garlic In Your Soup

Lemon And Honey Drink

Lemon juice is excellent for common cold. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C which is necessary to increase immunity power of the body. Drink lemon juice everyday in the morning to boost up your immunity power. But, lemon juice is very sour and it may not be possible for you to drink it raw. So, take a glass of warm water. Squeeze one lemon in it. Add a teaspoon honey in it. Honey helps to reduce inflammation and helps to remove inflammation from your chest. Stir well and drink it. Drink this tasty drink everyday at least once daily to keep cold at bay.

Lemon and Honey Drink

Ginger Tea And Other Uses Of Ginger

Ginger tea is excellent for cold. It helps to cure headache, inflammation, throat ache, runny nose and other symptoms of cold. Boil water and add a few pieces of ginger in it. Boil for five minutes and then remove it from heat and add tea leaves in it. Keep the lid on for 5-10 minutes. Then strain the tea and drink it hot. Drink this ginger tea for 3-4 times daily when you have cold attack. This will helps you to get rid of cold. You can take ginger in different ways also. Make fine slices of ginger and keep a few slices in your mouth. It helps to cure cough instantly. Drinking ginger juice is also good for sneezing and other cold attack symptoms.

Ginger Tea and Other Uses of Ginger

Herbal Paste

In a grinder add a teaspoon cumin seeds, 8-9 cloves of garlic, 1 red chili, 5-6 black pepper, one onion cut into small pieces and 2-3 leaves of cabbages. Grind it to paste. Then pour a little amount of mustard oil on a pan, make it hot and then fry the paste on low flame till the paste gets dry. Mix this paste with steamed rice and eat it. Sometimes people suffer from acute body ache due to cold attack. Intake of this herbal paste daily will help you to get rid of cold quickly.

Herbal Paste

Herbal Powder

A type of herbal powder is excellent for curing cold. You can make this powder with products easily available at your kitchen. To make it you need dry ginger, bay leaves, cinnamon, black pepper seeds and sugar candy. Take one inch length dry ginger, 2 bay leaves, one cinnamon 1-2 inches long, 4-5 black pepper seeds and 100 grams sugar candy. Add them in grinder and grind them to fine powder. Take 1 teaspoon of this powder each time. Take this powder 3-4 times daily. After that, drink a cup of warm water. This will help you to cure cold very quickly.

Herbal Powder

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains a great amount of laurice acid which actually boosts the immunity system of the body. Cook your food in coconut oil during cold attack and in this way consume it. Fry some garlic in coconut oil and drink this oil. It will help you to cure cold.

Coconut Oil

Eat And Massage Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is another excellent thing which actually boosts up immunity system of our body. When you have caught a cold, massage mustard oil on your chest and fore head. It helps to liquefy mucus and it is removed from the body. Mustard oil massage also helps to cure body ache due to cold. Boil any vegetable you like. Mash it and pour a few drops of mustard oil in it. Sprinkle salt on it. Mix well and eat this. It will help you to cure cold by improving immunity system of your body.

Eat and Massage Mustard Oil

Poppy Seeds And Mustard Seeds

Take a tablespoon poppy seeds and a tablespoon mustard seed. Add one green chili and pinch of salt in it. Grind it to smooth paste. Now keep the paste in a container and keep the lid on tightly. Place the container on boiling water for 7-8 minutes and then take the paste with hot rice. This paste is very pungent and it helps to remove mucus through your nose. Eat it every day to get speedy recovery from cold.

Poppy Seeds and Mustard Seeds

Butter Or Butter Oil

Butter and butter oil is excellent for your body when you have cold attack. Cold attack makes your body dry. Regular intake of butter and butter oil helps to cure cold. You may apply butter on your bread or mix butter oil in hot rice. Sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper on butter and butter oil mix food before intake. Practice this method daily and soon get rid of cold attack. Butter or Butter Oil Follow these tips along with a healthy diet to cure cold naturally. Handle water as little as possible and do not drink cold food like fizzy drinks, ice cool water or ice cream at this time. In spite of that if the problem persists soon consult a doctor before the problem gets complicated.

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