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Top 10 Essential Oils For Getting Rid Of Spider Mites


When you have plants, either indoors or in your garden, the worst that you can expect to happen to them is being attacked by spider mites. Also known as Class Arachnida, these are plant pests which suck the sap out of your favourite plants. Generally the underside of the plant is attacked by them and if there are large infestations, your plant may die too. Hence, getting rid of these spider mites is a priority. They can be easily identified when your plants develop yellow blotches or when there is white webbing on the plant.

Apart from chemical insecticides, there are natural oils which can get your plant rid of spider mites.

Top 10 Among Them Are As Follows

1. Neem Oil

The therapeutic uses of Neem have been known for centuries now and the anti-microbial and anti- bacterial properties of this oil can help you to get rid of spider mites naturally without harming the plant or the environment. It is a known miticide which you can derive from the nuts of this tree and is helpful in targeting large infestations.

 Neem Oil

2. Chrysanthemum Oil

Though the plant based miticide is known as Pyrethrum, it is derived from Chrysanthemum and is a natural and effective pesticide when it comes to treating your plants and getting rid of spider mites. But even after spraying the plant with this plant based miticide, you should keep a close vigil and monitor the condition of the plant to see that they do not relapse.

Chrysanthemum Oil

3. Cinnamon Oil

The non-hazardous miticide which is derived from cinnamon oil is called Cinnamite. The reason why it is preferred and widely used is because, it is highly effective in killing spider mites and is also safe to use. However, it does not kill the eggs and hence it has to be used after every three days over two weeks to kill the newly hatched eggs as well.

Cinnamon Oil

4. Rosemary Oil

When it comes to organic oils, one which comes with glowing recommendations is rosemary oil. High doses of this oil can affect the nervous system of spider mites and kill them.

Rosemary Oil

Another reason why rosemary oil is highly regarded and recommended to treat spider mites is because it has the potential to kill the mites but not the beneficial mite also known as Phytoseiulus persimilis.

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5. Canola Oil

Apart from being used extensively in cooking, canola oil can also be used to treat and kill spider mites and save your plants. But you can’t use the oil as it is on the plants.

Canola Oil

To get the desired result of getting rid of spider mites, you have to prepare an insecticidal soap at home. For this you need to take one tablespoon of canola oil and mix it with a few drops of Ivory soap and one qt. of water. After preparing this solution, shake it and spray it on the affected part of the plant.

6. Lemon Oil

The anti-microbial and anti-biotic properties of lemon oil coupled with its non-toxic properties can help you get rid of spider mites which are affecting your treasured plants.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is derived by cold compression from the peel of the fruit and is characterised by its sharp and fresh smell. It has a pale greenish yellow colour and has water like viscosity.

7. Eucalyptus Oil

Water like in viscosity and pale yellowish in colour, eucalyptus oil is derived from the partly dried leaves or the young twigs of the tree.

Eucalyptus Oil

The antibacterial properties of this oil are specially suited for treating spider mites. The sharp and fresh smell of this oil is very distinctive. Though the uses of this oil are many and varied, as a treatment for spider mites, it deserves special mention.

8. Lemongrass Oil

As the name suggests, lemongrass oil has a lemony and sweet smell and comes in water like viscosity and is dark yellow to amber and sometimes red in colour.

Lemongrass Oil

Using steam distillation, this oil is extracted from the partly dried or fresh leaves. The anti-microbial and bactericidal properties of this oil are useful in helping your plants get rid of spider mites.

9. Peppermint Oil

The fresh, sharp and menthol smell of peppermint oil and the clear and sometimes pale yellow colour give this oil the distinct property.

Peppermint Oil

Before the plant flowers, the whole plant above the ground is used to extract the oil. This oil is blessed with antiseptic properties and hence can be used to treat spider mites effectively. The water like viscosity is another feature of this oil.

10. Thyme Oil

Thyme oil is characterised by its sweet and strong smell and its reddish brown or sometimes amber colour. The flowering tops and the leaves of this plant are used either in the fresh or partly dried form to extract the oil and this potent oil is rich in anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which make it an effective choice while treating spider mites.

Thyme Oil

These top 10 essential oils are effective in treating spider mites and will leave your plant healthy once you decide to use any one of these oils.


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