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Top 10 Home Remedies For Milia



Milia is a condition in which little bumps – yellow or white in color – appear under the eyes and around the eyes. Sometimes milia, also known as milk spots, appear on forehead, nose, cheeks and chest. Milia are cysts filled with keratin and are common in infants but can affect anyone in any age group. Milia occurs due to the inability of the skin to remove dead cells on its own thereby resulting in pore clogging. Milia is caused by use of steroid creams for long period of time and skin care creams that clog pores. It is also caused by sun damage as well as blisters. The biggest disadvantage of milia is they tend to mar the clarity of your skin and hence your beauty. These are generally not painful and do not itch. Here are the best home remedies for milia.

Top10homeremedies – Top 10 Home Remedies for Milia


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