Top 10 Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose


A stuffy nose is sure a pain. You are unable to sleep at night, you are unable to smell or eat properly and it sure is a menace. A stuff nose usually happens with cold, but can also be caused due to some other kind of allergy, blockage due to external materials or even if the nasal passage has some other kind of obstruction.

Over the counter medicines hardly provide respite and with kids, you cannot given them these chemical based vapor rubs, as they are known for causing respiratory problems. But with these home remedies, stuffy nose can be treated in a jiffy and they are safe too.

1. Nasal Drops

Though nasal drops are easily available over the counter, you can make yours at home, which is much cheaper and also effective. Moreover, it is also very safe for children [1].

Nasal Drops

Ingredients Needed

For making this, you will need about a tea spoon of regular salt and a cup of warm water, which should be either purified or distilled. Not from the tap.

How To Make

Take about a tea spoon of regular salt and add it a cup of warm water. Make sure that the salt is mixed well. Then use a dropper to put this liquid into the nostril. While doing so, make sure that the head is tilted so that the liquid penetrates deep. Repeat on the other nostril. If possible do this after blowing the nose for clearing the passage completely.

2. Steam Or Shower

A quick bath or shower is always refreshing even if you have a cold or a cough. With smaller kids too doctors suggested sitting in a bath or shower for taking out the congestion. As the steam goes into the nasal passage, the mucus clears along with any other external obstruction [2].

Steam Or Shower

Ingredients Needed

You can use your bathroom for the steam. But a commercial steamer also makes do. Make sure you read instructions on those clearly.

How To Use

Simply switch on the shower or fill the bath tub. Close the door so that you are able to inhale the steam well. For better results, use essential oils of your choice. You can also use a commercial steamer for this remedy.

3. Cold Humidifier

For those who have kids younger than two years a cold humidifier is highly recommended [3].

Cold Humidifier

Ingredients Needed

A cold humidifier. Basically a cold humidifier is available commercially and is safe for the younger kids as it clears nasal passage, without risks of a hot steamer.

How To Use

You can use a cold steamer in the house or simply fill a bucket of water and keep in the room. Switch on the fan at low speed and let the humidity fill the room. If living in colder and arid areas, put the water in front of the blower. Else switch on the cold humidifier and inhale the vapour.

4. Ginger Tea

For adults, there is nothing quite like ginger for treating different kinds of nose and throat ailments. Basically this works because as you swallow warm tea, heat is generated and this helps in clearing the nasal passage [4].

 Ginger Tea

Ingredients Needed

You will need a cube of ginger, along with some honey and hot water. Regular tea can also be added to the same.

How to Make

Take a cube of ginger and grate it well into the regular tea you have. If you want, you can also make your own ginger and honey tea. Take a cup of water and add a one inch grated piece of ginger to it, along with a spoon of honey. Drink it warm for best results.

5. Fenugreek

This is another good remedy to clear off the blockage in the nasal congestion. Fenugreek is natural and will not cause any side effects [5].


Ingredients Needed

It is easily available in homes and you can take either the fresh or dried form. You will need a spoon of dried or about a cup of fresh fenugreek.

How To Use Fenugreek

Basically take about a spoon of fenugreek seeds and soak them in some water. Bring it to a boil and then strain and drink it while warm. It helps in gradual but complete cleaning of the nasal passage. For fresh fenugreek,

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6. Chicken Soup

Doctors swear by the relieving properties of chicken soup during cold and flu. It has ingredients that helps in combating viral infection and provides immediate relief. You can also use other hot fluids or soups [6].


Ingredients Needed

You will need some chicken along with herbs like basil, sage, ginger and garlic and hot water.

How To Make

Basically boil some chicken along with herbs like basil, sage, ginger and garlic. Boil well and strain the liquid for a clear soup or use a blender for making a thick one. Drink it hot to provide relief to the nasal passage. As you drink the thick soup, it helps in clearing the nasal passage and blocked and stuffy nose.

7. Eucalyptus Oil

Among st all the other oils available, this one provides instant results. It is safer than most over the counter rubs but should be used with caution as it may burn the skin if used directly [7].

Eucalyptus Oil

Ingredients Needed

A few drops of eucalyptus oil.

How To Use

Simply put a few drops of oil in the steamer or in your bath and let the smell go into the nasal passage to clear it. For younger children, you can simply put a few drops on the side of their pillow or the bed so that they breathe in the strong fragrance, which helps in clearing the nose.

8. Mustard And Garlic Oil

Ingredients Needed

You will need some mustard oil along with grated garlic.

This is a remedy that both adults and infants can use because it is relatively safe and provides instant results. Both the ingredients have heating properties that helps in making the mucus thinner and thus provides relief from a blocked nose [8].

Mustard And Garlic Oil

How To Make

Basically heat some mustard oil along with grated garlic, till the garlic burns. Cool it down to a bearable temperature and then rub gently on the back, chest and feet. Pull on socks to help retain the heat. Wipe with clean cloth after a while.

9. Carom Seeds

Like mustard, carom seeds too are known for their properties to fight infection and provide inherent heating. They are easily available and can be used for both adults and kids. Also known as ajwain, it is a great way of treating stuffed nose issues [9].

Ingredients Needed

You will need about a couple of spoons of carom seeds.

Carom Seeds

How To Use

Basically the seeds need to be heated gently on a pan or microwave. Then take it in a clean cloth, preferably muslin. Keep it near the nose so that the smell is inhaled by well. Repeat as needed.

10. Tomatoes With Pepper And Butter

This is another quick way to inhale the goodness of tomatoes, pepper along with garlic. It may take a bit of time to make but sure works. You can consume this to get healthy benefits [10]

Tomatoes With Pepper And Butter

Ingredients Needed

2 large tomatoes along with some garlic and hot water.

How To Prepare

Basically crush about 2 large tomatoes and boil them in a glass of water. After 20 minutes or so, add some butter, garlic paste and black pepper. Mix it well and consume it warm to get relief from stuffy nose issues.


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