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Top 15 Potassium Rich Foods


These days people are more prone to problems like fatigues, stress, hypertension, irritability, etc than few years back. While the cause of such problems could be related to the ways of livelihood, the origin can always be traced back to the dietary causes.

Top 15 Potassium Rich Food

Most food today have deficit of potassium which is an essential for the body. Scientific studies suggestthat a person’s daily potassium intake should be around 3.5 grams. This helps in curing most of the stress related problems that someone could face. But most importantly, it reduces most heart related diseases as well as stroke risks by 21%. However a balance should be maintained, as too much consumption could also lead to nausea, vomiting or even cardiac arrest.

Various Potassium Rich Foods

1. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes-hrf

Sweet Potato contains potassium more than any other food in the whole world. It contains 694 mg of potassium, loads of fibers, energizing carbohydrates and beta carotene, and only 131 calories. So eat it baked, mashed, fried, grilled or stuffed, anyway it’s going to do you good.

2. Beans


Beans are number two in the list for its high potassium contents. With kidney beans lima beans, lentils and split peas all for company, the white beans bags the prize as the best among the bean family by delivering 600 mg of the mineral per half a cup.

3. Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce

Of course, you might argue that fresh ripe tomatoes should have been better, but according to scientific researches tomato sauce or tomato puree contains more potassium than the fruit. One half cup tomato puree packs 549 mg of the essential mineral while a quarter cup of tomato paste contains 664 mg.

4. Yogurt

Fresh Yogurt

This is something most of you enjoy eating. Mainly because it is tasty but also because it is good for health. However, did you know that it packs a total of 579 mg of potassium per eight ounce? So now you have another reason to eat yogurt for breakfast, using it as a spread over sandwiches, and swapping with whipped cream for desserts

5. Beet Greens

Beet Greens

Most often you buy beet roots from the market and toss the aerial greenery into the garbage. Stop doing that! These cooked slightly bitter greens contain a total of 664 mg of potassium per half a cup.

6. Bananas


Bananas are known for its rich potassium contents as well as being rich in carbs. An average banana is known to contain as much as 105 calories. While 1 cup contains minimum of 200 calories. So you might as well start stocking up on this herb.

7. Clams


Now this is one delicious food. 3 ounces of clams are known to pack as much as 500 mg of potassium and also contains the highest concentration of vitamin B12 than any other food. So it is decided, clams for dinner tonight!

8. Carrot Juices

Carrot Juices

With people becoming more aware of the importance of juices as well as corporate people making it more of a trend, men have woken up to the goodness that is carrot juices. Containing 500 mg per ¾ cup, carrot juices can in fact make you a better person. At least from inside. It also helps in increasing eye sight.

9. Prunes


Prune juices contain more goodness than you thought. With a record of 530 mg of the mineral per ¾ of a cup and 400 mg per half a cup of stewed prunes, dried plums also make your bones stronger. It is especially recommended for women as 20% more women than men suffer from bone related problems.

10. Molasses


While honey is definitely good for health, molasses are better. One table spoon of thick, dark blackstrap molasses contains around 500 mg of potassium as well as respectable amounts of iron and calcium. So it is time to replace sugar and honey from your kitchen with molasses.

11. Fish


Any type of sea food contains a lot of rich minerals especially potassium. Meaty fish like tuna and halibut contain a total of 500 mg per 3 ounce serving while cods and the like contains a little less.

12. Soy Beans

Soy Beans

Soy beans are another rich source of potassium with half a cup of soy bean containing as much as 500 mg of potassium in it. It also serves in fighting against any sort of inflammation in the body.

13. Milk

drink Milk-hrf

Yes, milk does contain a lot of potassium in it. It contains a surprising amount of mg per cup of skim or non-fat product.

14. Orange Juice

orange juice

This one is everybody’s favorite! Drink loads of orange juice for breakfast for it contains 355 mg per ¾ cup.

15. Winter Squash

Winter Squash

Last but not the least; winter squash contains as much as 448 mg per half a cup. Yum!


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