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Top 17 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bedbugs


Bedbugs can be a real problem and dealing with them in a safe and non-toxic way is only possible if you use natural ingredients. Potent chemical insecticides and pesticides are used by professional pest control companies to eliminate bedbugs. But there are also several natural ways in which you can combat bedbugs without resorting to chemicals. It is better to use natural ways to deal with bedbugs as these can prevent health risks such as neurotoxicity.

Moreover, bedbugs may also develop resistance to pesticides and insecticides if you use chemical methods to counter them. Read this article to know all about top 17 natural ways to ward off bedbugs. These methods are guaranteed to be effective and affordable. You can avoid hiring expensive pest control services by opting for these methods.

Ways For Combating Bedbugs

1. Use Pyrethrum Extract

Pyrethrum is the natural extract which can be obtained from the flower heads of certain plants. This extract can be taken from flowers such as Chrysanthemum Coccineum And Chrysanthemum Cinerariifolium . The common names of these flowers are Tanacetum or Chrysanthemum.

These plants are also referred to as pyrethrum because of this natural extract which is present in them. This extract contains a substance called pyrethrin which is toxic to bedbugs and harms their nervous system. You can use this natural pesticide for destroying bedbugs.

 Use Pyrethrum Extract

2. Try Kidney Bean Leaves

Kidney bean leaves are a common natural remedy for destroying bedbugs. This method of warding off these pests is used in European households.

The leaves are spread over the areas or furniture infected by the bedbugs. The trichomes or hooked hairs on these leaves attracts and traps the bedbugs. The leaves can be removed once they have trapped all the bedbugs.

Try Kidney Bean Leaves

3. Spread Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is an effective natural method for curbing bedbugs. This powdered rock is ideal if you want to destroy the bedbugs. You need to spread the powder across all surfaces within the infested area so that it settles on the body of the bedbugs.

Once the bedbugs come into contact with this powder, they dehydrate and die. When the bedbugs attempt to remove the powdered earth from their body, they ingest it and get poisoned.

Spread Diatomaceous Earth

4. Disable Bedbugs Using A Fungus

A fungus known as Beauveria bassiana is one of the most powerful natural methods to kill bedbugs. This fungus grows on the soil and it is ecologically safe. It is a natural pesticide and it is known to attack and cause the death of insects such as bedbugs.

The fungus also reduces the ability of the bedbugs to move or multiply. It is ideal if you want a fast acting natural method for combating bedbugs.

5. Spray Essential Oils

Essential oils such as manuka oil and tea tree oil are very effective in destroying bedbugs. They block the external openings or sphiracles of these bugs and choke them.Oregano oil is also effective for battling bedbugs.

You need to spray these oils onto the furniture and bedding where the bugs have multiplied. The oil will destroy them once it comes into contact with them. You can also use cedar oil for this purpose.

Spray Essential Oils

6. Lower The Temperature

Cold treatments are very efficient in combating bedbugs. They are ideal if you want to eliminate bedbugs without using any chemical methods. You need to lower the temperature to an extreme level so that the bedbugs are destroyed.

Use overhead fans, coolers, air conditioners or ice packs for killing these pestiferous insects.

Lower The Temperature

7. Create Heat

Heat treatment can also deal a deathly blow to bedbugs. You can try hair dryers or washers for warding off bedbugs. Exposure to constant heat for 30 to 50 seconds will cause the bugs to become burnt and die. Increasing the amount of sun in the infested item can also work wonders.

For instance, if the mattress has become infested with bedbugs, you need to lay it out in the sun so that the insects get exposed to the heat and become toasted. Exposure to bright sunlight also kills the eggs of these insects.

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8. Vacuum The Infested Area Or Objects

You can also use a vacuum machine to destroy the bedbugs. Vacuum all parts of the house and every piece of furniture so that the bedbugs are sucked into the vacuum pipe and destroyed. This suction method can also be used to destroy the eggs of bedbugs and prevent them from increasing in number. It is the ideal solution if you want to eliminate bedbugs from enclosed spaces or narrow crevices.

Vacuum The Infested Area Or Objects

9. Clean The Place

It is important to eliminate clutter in a room if you want to destroy bedbugs. These bugs often hide amidst items that are strewn in a room. They prefer tight and confined spaces. You need to clean the area or objects which are infested with bedbugs thoroughly.

Use hot water so that you can eliminate these insects from items such as toys, clothing and shoes. Dust the back of chairs and shelves so that bedbugs are eliminated from here.

10. Seal Crevices And Small Cracks

Enclosed areas such as cracks and crevices are very good hiding places for bedbugs. You need to apply Plaster of Paris and fill the gaps in cabinets or cracks in the plaster. This ensures that the bedbugs will not have any safe places to hide and multiply in.

Seal Crevices And Small Cracks

11. Counter The Insects Through Scented Dyer Sheets

Dyer sheets which are scented can have a repelling effect on the bedbugs. The strong fragrance of these sheets can ward off even the most determined bedbugs. You need to spread these sheets over bedding and furniture so that the insects become nauseous and avoid the area.

12. Throw Away Infested Furniture

Furniture pieces such as sofas and mattresses should be disposed of, so that the bedbugs can be removed from the home or office. If the furnishings are in a very bad condition, it is best to throw them away. This is also a good way to prevent further infestations of bedbugs in any living space.

13. Coat The Furniture And Walls With Alcohol

Another natural remedy for bedbugs is alcohol. The potent smell and dehydrating effect of alcohol harms bedbugs. You should check if the alcohol can safely be used without staining the surface by dousing a small portion of it on to the furniture or wall. It is best to use this method if you want to drive away the bedbugs in an easy and effective manner.

Coat The Furniture And Walls With Alcohol

14. Repel The Bugs Using Lavender

Lavender is a very effective method for countering bedbugs naturally. Lavender scented soap, oil or powder can be used to drive the bugs away. The potent and strong smell of lavender nauseates the bedbugs and destroys them quite effectively.

Repel The Bugs Using Lavender

15. Attempt The Use Of Caulking Material

Use rubber caulking to drive the bedbugs away. Fill any cracks or narrow spaces with caulking material. This creates less space for the insects to hide or increase in number. It also ensures that the house or office remains clean and free of pests.

16. Expose The Pests To Steam

Steam can also be used to kill bedbugs. Steam treatments can kill those bugs which are close to the surface of the mattress or the bedding material.

Steam permeates through cushions and mattresses and it can really destroy the bedbugs in a fast and efficient manner. It will also prevent the eggs from surviving and prevent any further growth of bedbugs in a living space.

Expose The Pests To Steam

17. Resort To Herbal Treatments

Herbal methods for countering bedbugs can also work wonders. Some of the best herbs to counter bedbugs include thyme and black walnut. Black walnut tea has astringent properties and it is also a potent insecticide. It is very good for destroying bed bugs. Thyme leaves contain a strong smell which repels bedbugs naturally.

Another very good herbal treatment to combat bedbugs is eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus is antiparasitic and it can destroy even the most prolific infestation of bedbugs. Use undiluted eucalyptus oil for combating bedbugs naturally.

Resort To Herbal Treatments


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