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Top 5 Home Remedies For Pneumonia

A common but serious kind of disorder that impacts both adults and kids is pneumonia. It is a lung infection that has symptoms quite similar to that of cough and cold. In fact, often, people assume pneumonia to be a case of severe cough and cold. But on the contrary it tends to get worse as water fills up the lungs. So here are some simple and effective home remedies for pneumonia that can be tried at home along with regular treatment modes from a pulmonologist-

Top Home Remedies For Pneumonia

 1. Onions And Rye

For this remedy you need about 5-6 big onions, which should be roughly chopped. Then fry these in a pan along equal quantities of rye meal. To this you should add vinegar, which will help to change this mixture into a fine paste. When doing so, make sure that you are constantly stirring or lumps can form. Now after 5-10 minutes, take the mixture in a cotton or muslin bag. Put it over the patient’s chest to get some hot compress. Heat it lightly again on a poultice as it begins to cool.[1]


2. Holy Basil

Another effective home remedy for pneumonia is the holy basil. It has been know to provide respite from various forms of cold, including the one induced by this serious infection. You can either chew on 10-12 of holy basil leaves on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can also take the juice of the basil leaves mixed with some honey, ginger and drink it twice a day. Doing so helps to fight the infection as basil has healing properties and boosts immunity.[2]

Holy Basil

3. Turmeric

The enriching properties of the turmeric include antibacterial benefits too. For making this remedy you can opt for either fresh or dried turmeric. If using dried turmeric, then mix a spoon of turmeric powder with one spoon of honey and a cup of warm milk. Drink this twice a day. Doing so eases the infection and reduces signs of pneumonia too. If using fresh turmeric then take an inch or cube of the piece and grate it. Mix with ginger, honey and basil juice. Drink twice a day.[3]


4. Diet Changes

Pneumonia calls for a very healthy diet intake, which should be rich in fibres and nutrients. So make sure that you have lots of vitamin C in forms of oranges, which can be chewed for additional fibre benefits also. Canned foods and very cold foods, especially icy drinks should be avoided. Also, you should have lots of warm foods like tea, milk, soups, etc. which are known to ease the congestion.[4]


5. Garlic

Garlic has natural heat inducing properties that goes inside the system and gets into action. Considering the higher flow of mucus and congestion, garlic helps to ease all of this. For children, just mince one clove of garlic and have it twice a day. For adults, 2 cloves of garlic is suggested, which should be again taken twice a day for best results. In this reference, you can also use macerated garlic. Place some of the garlic cloves in boiling hot water and allow the patient to inhale the steam from the same. Besides this, you can also take a clean cloth and then place it on the chest of the patient. The warm liquid from the garlic penetrates through the skin and help in easing the symptoms of pneumonia, especially the persistent cough.[5]


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