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Top 7 Skin Benefits Of Using Yogurt Face Mask In Summer

Yogurt is a very healthy milk product which is somehow sour in taste but highly rich in essential nutrients needed by our body for its growth. It is considered to be a miracle for skin when it is applied to different types of skin in form of a face mask. Yogurt can deliver a youthful and glowing skin to its user in harsh summer due to presence of nutrients like zinc, Vitamin B, Lactic acid and calcium which altogether can give a healthy and flawless skin without any skin complication. Zinc has anti inflammatory properties that facilitate the tissue growth while Vitamin B offers extra nourishment to dry skin. Lactic acid in yogurt reduces the visibility of wrinkles and makes the skin fresh by removing the signs of skin ageing. Here are top 7 summer skin benefits of yogurt based face mask which will definitely make you a great lover of yogurt in this season despite of its sour taste.

1. Gives Hydrated Skin:

Yogurt face mask gives best result in making your skin free from dull and rough look thereby providing the best hydration and moisture to your skin tone. You only need to apply the yogurt face mask in a circular motion to your skin tone followed by washing it off with cold water after 15 minutes so as to attain clean and smooth skin.

Gives Hydrated Skin

2. Gives Bright Skins:

Yogurt is considered to be an amazing skin brightening agent duo to the presence of lactic acid in it. Lactic acid produces an enzyme called tyronoise which is responsible for melanin production that when inhibits gives brighter skin tone to its user.

Gives Bright Skins

3. Exfoliates The Skin:

Yogurt is highly beneficial in skin exfoliation due to its richness in lactic acid and calcium that are responsible for removing the dead skin cells completely from the body. Lactic acid in yogurt reduces skin irritation and stimulates the growth of new cells once again.

Exfoliates The Skin

4. Gives Blemish Free Skin:

Yogurt face mask is very helpful in giving the blemish free skin to its user by destroying the bacteria’s responsible for pimples and acne formation. Yogurt is a good source of zinc that reduces the amount of oil production and also reduces the skin inflammation comfortably. Yogurt can deliver you a blemish free skin if you apply the yogurt face mask regularly at least once daily continuously for duration of 1 month.

Gives Blemish Free Skin

5. Remove Dark Circles:

If you have dark circles under your eyes then usage of yogurt based face mask will definitely help you a let in removing such under eye dark spots. Zinc constituent in yogurt face mask not only remove the persistent under eye dark circles but also it brightens the skin tone by rejuvenating your dead skin.

Remove Dark Circles

6. Gives Youthful Skin:

A yogurt face mask consists of potent antioxidants that can remove the fine lines and wrinkles residing on your facial skin on its regular application. Lactic acid in yogurt face mask safeguards skin against early ageing and delivers youthful look to its user for a long time period.

Gives Youthful Skin

7. Protects Skin Against Sunburn:

Yogurt face mask gives best result in soothing sunburns by making your skin free from itching and burning sensations. If your skin is badly sunburn then don’t get panic about it as a natural yogurt based face mask is a miracle remedy for the same. You only need to apply the yogurt face mask to the affected twice regularly for a week so as to reduce inflammation and redness of your skin. Zinc compound in yogurt suppresses the production of melanin and balances the natural oils on your skin tone comfortably.

Protects Skin Against Sunburn

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