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Top 9 Home Remedies For Puffy Eyelids


Puffy eyelids are a perennial problem that a lot of women and men suffer from. It usually happens because of exertion and sitting for long hours in front of the computer. Lack of sleep is also another cause of the same. In some cases, the wrong food habits like eating too much of sour food or even drinking too much can lead to puffy eyelids. Nevertheless, there are some quick and easy home remedies available for this, which can be implemented to get rid of the same in a jiffy-

Top 9 Home Remedies For Puffy Eyelids

1. Potato Slices And Green Tea

For this remedy you have to take a washed potato and take about 2 slices from the same. Take a cup of hot water and add a green tea bag to this or even some green tea leaves. Now take this mixture and place it in the refrigerator for a while. Once it is cool, take it out and then apply the same using a cotton ball on both eyes. Squeeze out the excessive water and apply on eyes for about 10 minutes. Repeat if required.  Simply slice a potato after washing it thoroughly. Make sure that it is well washed or else the dirt from the slices or the peel can get to the eyes. Now cool these potatoes a bit in the freezer. Place them over the eyes and let it stay for a few minutes. Repeat with other slices. There’s no need to cool the potatoes if you are in a rush.[1]

 Potato Slices And Green Tea

2. Rose Water With Cold Milk

This is an effective way to deal with puffy eyelids that are caused because of tiredness and exertion. For this remedy, you have to take about 4-5 drops of rosewater. If possible, cool the water before hand as the cooling affect helps in reducing the puffiness much faster. You can also take 2 spoons of cold milk. Mix the two ingredients together. Next, you can add a drop or two of vitamin E oil to this mixture if you want. Now use a cotton ball and dip in the mixture. Squeeze out the extra and then place on both eyes. Relax for about 10 minutes and repeat.[2]

Rose Water With Cold Milk

3. Kitchen Salt

The humble kitchen salt is another effectual remedy for dealing with the problem of puffy eyelids. You need to take about 1/4 spoon of regular kitchen salt. Mix this with about 3-4 teaspoon of warm water. Now take two cotton balls or pads. Place it in the water and squeeze out the excessive liquid. Place this bag on your eyes and once done, you can sit back and close your eyes for a few minutes.[3]

Kitchen Salt

4. Egg Whites

Egg whites are not only great for getting rid of the problem of puffiness around the eyes but they are also known for boosting the elasticity of the skin. Take an egg and then separate it from the white. Using a cotton pad or a very soft brush, gently apply all around the eyes including the lids and the bottom of the eyes. Close your eyes and relax now while the paste tends to get stiffer. Finally wipe this off with some cold milk and then wash it water if needed. Your puffiness will be gone.[4]

Egg Whites

5. Cucumbers

Placing a slice of cucumber on the eyes is highly suggested for getting rid of puffiness. But you can use it in various other ways too. For one, take a colder slice of cucumber that hastens the process of getting rid of the puffiness. You can also grate some cucumber and mix a few drops of rose water to it. Doing so helps in soothing the eyes faster and treats the puffy eyelids.[5]


6. Moist Tea Bags

A quick remedy that works in treating puffy eyelids is treating them with cold tea bags. There is not much to do here except soak the bag in some warm water and then cool it. If you want, you can also use unused bags and cool them in the refrigerator. Then place this on both the eyes and sit back for a few minutes.[6]

Moist Tea Bags

7. Castor Oil

Many plastic surgeons often use the remedy of castor oil to heal eye puffiness. In particular after a surgery. But this is a fast remedy for getting rid of puffy eyelids. Before going to bed, just a take a drop of castor oil and apply over the eyelids. In the morning you will notice that the puffiness is much less.[7]

Castor Oil

8. Sleep With Head Raised

For this remedy, just take a higher pillow and then raise the head. Doing so keeps the head elevated and this would prevent fluids from accumulating near the eyes. This helps in keeping the puffiness in check.[8]

Sleep With Head Raised

9. Cold Compress

Just take a couple of cold cotton balls or even just a cold spoon and give a cold compress on the eyes. Doing so helps to reduce the swelling and aids in faster healing.

Cold Compress


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